About Us

So what does fully licensed mean? Fully Licensed Agents are those that have dedicated themselves to their careers by obtaining a Diploma in Property, OR in the old term a ' Certificate In Real Estate Management', so not just a sales person, but someone capable, responsible and indeed equipped to be an AGENT OR AGENCY.

100% of our Agents are actually Fully Licensed Agents.

Let’s start by letting you know what we are about.
We are ‘Fully Licensed Agents’ and marketers providing a selling & marketing service for our FULLY LICENSED AGENTS, BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS and the property owner, with an affordable fee structure and simple to use online marketing platform for our Agents

Firstly as property professionals, having had 40 + years in the property industry, combining construction and development and in Real Estate and property marketing and investing, our aim is to bring a better and more cost effective form of online marketing and fee structure for our agents, owners and the business owners within the Real Estate and Property Industry.

Secondly, we want you to use the site as a ‘one stop property web shop’, where you can search not only property for sale or rent, but to access new developments too, whether it be new land subdivision or new off plan apartments and townhouses. You will also be able to view and inspect builders’ plans and designs. Search trades and Professionals through our 'Business Directory' to help you buy, sell and maintain your biggest asset.

By having this one stop property web shop owners will be able to make an informed decision on their next purchase, using our experienced Fully Licensed Agents, be it established or new; all this and more at a touch of a button, saving you countless hours.

It’s affordable, it’s the best, it’s easy to use and we know you will enjoy the experience. Owners can follow the tips and guidelines to maximize their asset selling price and shortest possible selling time frame.

Always use;

Independent Professionals; (meaning professionals ‘working for you’)

Settlement agents
Fully Licensed Real Estate Agents

How We Work

First you register as home or commercial owner, builder developer or business owner.

Once chosen, you will be contacted by us to confirm your ID, and other incidentals. It is possible to upload your photos and details to the website. However it is wise to use a professional photographer to make your home look its best. Your property will be pending until you have filled and signed a listing authority form and our on line marketing form both of which you will be able to keep for your records. 

Once details and photos are uploaded your chosen agent will proceed to market and depending on your individual requirements your property or properties will be automatically uploaded to moovitnow.net and other most popular sites for its purpose. (currently realestate.com.au, realcommercial.com.au, rent.com.au, homesales.com.au, businessfor sale.com.au) plus many other websites.