Big Corporations Just Want More

September 14, 2016

Here we go again. 

Q. Why oh why do the mega corporations want more of your money and your vendors money, when they are making bucket fulls already.

A. Answer = just because they can!!

We were notified of another 20% increase in subscriptions from the major online sites for another 12 months. So what can you do about it? What can clients and vendors do about it? 

Obviously the dirty work is left to the Agent to pursue the advertising from their client and be left with an embarrassing situation whereby the cost of selling property just keeps going up. Who gets the blame? The Real Estate Agent of course.

If you want your dollar to go further and you want to do the right thing by your owner and client. you should probably be looking at what we are doing. 

Your feedback is appreciated :-)


ron goddard | Thursday, 15 September 2016

always a question of morality. when i started in real estate 1971..we agents paid for the advertising. its a cakewalk now. just adjust the ads to the money at hand. and budget more:-) i am sure the owners will understand. and point out the obvious, with relative documentation, who is increasing the costs and that you are doing your very best for them and their advertising dollar. they might even volunteer to give you more money to work..but don't ask for it. cheers,ron
Ross Perkins | Thursday, 22 September 2016

In the old days we only had newspaper runs and magazines that we could advertise in and so COULD budget the expenses very easily, plus we had more evenly distributed conjunctional deals. However now we have the goliaths controlling not only the market but also your vendors so the cost continually rises. What I am getting at is the blatant disregard and respect that these corporations have. And its not helping the cause. When makes more that $265 million a year and Murdoch who owns the majority makes 62% clear profit from this operation you have to ask yourself a simple question. Can we do something about it. Can we reduce the vendor's cost and also maintain the respect we once had. Of course you can ask your vendor for more money for advertising, but it doesn't look good. The marketing costs are astronomical over Eastern States. If your vendor had a choice they would go for an affordable avenue that gives them the same exposure. That's us. Thanks to those Agents that see the light, and are not stuck in the old mindset. We are thinking outside the square. All the best, and great listing :-) Regards Ross

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