A Career in Real Estate

September 14, 2016

In the past 10 - 15 years it is believed there has been a decline in Professionalism in Real Estate Practice. If you may remember some 25 years ago, to become a sales representative you had to do full time training. Now it's just 4 days. So it doesn't surprise us that people are turning away from the traditional Real Estate Agent to sell their home. It also becomes increasingly difficult to compete with such an onslaught in numbers of sales people.

For those who chose a career in Real Estate Practice by obtaining further higher qualifications and respect from our clients and in general the end consumer, to better serve them, it makes sense then to choose someone who has dedicated themselves to this very uncertain career path.



Hans Teichmann | Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Yes everything gets diluted and standards are slipping. When I obtained my agents license in the mid 90's it took circa 2 years at the Perth Tafe College. Through connections with settlement agents I hear stories, people would not believe. The incompetence of some reps and agents are staggering. Last week I received a property to manage which the owner just bought. According to him, he never received a copy of the O&A nor Strata Disclosure material. The latter only just before settlement. The rep did not know where the switch board was (lucky it had two RCD's) and more..... but he/she received a good commission from the seller.

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